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Soap Nuts 500g with Wash Bag


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Natures Soap Alternative that actually grows on trees!

Soap Nuts w Wash Bag, as a laundry, soap, cleaner alternative. Nuts can be composted after use. Place 4-5 nuts in the wash bag per laundry load, which can be used 5-6 times before placing nut residuals in the compost.

100g lasts 30-40 washes; 250g lasts 75-100 washes; 1 kg lasts 300-400 washes.

Economical, Non Allergenic, Non Toxic, Antibacterial, Anti Microbial, Eco Friendly and most important Easy to Use!

Can be used for:

Laundry detergent, Nappy Wash, Stain Remover, Washing Detergent, Dishwasher Liquid, General Purpose Cleaner, Shampoo, Hand Wash, Car Wash, Glass Cleaner, Pet Shampoo, Jewellery cleaner and more ~

Fair Trade

Ingredients: Sapindus Mukorossi