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About Us

H.O.P.E. Collective stands for Helping Others & Planet Earth. It is this purpose which drives us to do what we do. We aim to help caring "conscious consumers" in the First World to have a direct impact on global social, environmental and Third World problems through purchasing decisions made.

How? Choose to buy: fairtrade, organic, sustainable and ethically-made products that empower those in need and protect the planet and all our futures.

What is H.O.P.E. Collective?

The social enterprise HOPE Collective is a ground-breaking Ethical Gift Shop. ALL profits go into supporting more fair trade communities, eco-ethical and empowerment projects.

Founder and Director, Melinda Chiew, wanted to show the heart of God in a practical way – a heart that cares for people and the environment. In late 2011, she started seeking out brands, businesses and Not For Profits that would be keen to work together as a community that cares about social justice and environmental issues.

Why start a fair trade shop? You can read more about our story here on pages 10-12 in the Christian Woman magazine.

What are we doing now? Solace Kitchen cafe is an exciting eco-ethical outdoor cafe serving up the yummiest street food with an Asian twist! We've moved from Ingleside to Belrose. Come visit us at 1a Wearden Rd, Belrose NSW 2085, open Tuesdays to Saturdays 8am to 2pm.

You can listen to our journey on the Finding Hope podcast page (as shared with Producer Georgia Free on Hope 103.2 fm radio).

MISSION: HOPE Collective exists to make available to the public a wide range of products that make a positive difference in this world – with a particular emphasis on those who set out to help people in need and/or are working to provide a more environmentally sustainable future.

VALUES: HOPE Collective provides an ethical marketplace that is all about…

  • COMMUNITY – Working together as a community that cares, we are stronger and can make a larger impact for good.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY – We care about looking after planet Earth to ensure that future generations will not suffer due to our poor choices. We show this by treading lightly on the Earth and buying products that contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Products are free from exploitation & slave labour, ethically-sourced or Fairtrade certified. We supply ethical brands that actively empower oppressed people groups, and protect the disadvantaged or marginalised.
  • HEALTH MATTERS – Food, beverage or health products supplied through HOPE Collective are better for you, being either: organic, free-range, locally-sourced, artisan, clean-eating, wholefoods and/or free from toxic chemicals. If you're in Sydney NSW Australia and love delicious food, you can visit our eco-ethical cafe Solace Kitchen!
  • AUTHENTICITY/TRANSPARENCY – People deserve to know where their purchased items come from and whether or not they’re ethically-made/sourced. We set out to clearly communicate the eco/ethical benefits of products or organisations promoted.
  • MINDFULNESS – Each of our small purchasing decisions have a large collective impact. We aim to nurture more “conscious consumers” who care about health, environment, & social justice issues. 

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